Brainhack: Comparative MRI

Join us for Brainhack: Comparative MRI, which will be held in London on September 7-8, 2019, following the PRIME-DE Global Collaboration Workshop.

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We will begin on Saturday (Sep 7) at 9am, and will finish on Sunday (Sep 8) by 5pm.

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Memrise HQ, 3-5 Fashion Street, London E1 6PX


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pypreclin: a new automatic python preprocessing for macaque functional MRI

pypreclin is a new automatic and versatile python preprocessing pipiline for Non-Human-Primate imaging

Contact: Jordy TASSERIE [jtasserie (at)]


The aim of this project is to create a python package that provide all the tools needed to preprocess anatomical data of non humain primate. It also aim to provide a standard pipeline for different species, starting with macaques.

Contact: Bastien Cagna [bastien.cagna (at)]

Skull extraction

Automatic pipeline to extract skull from anatomical image to be used in D printer in order to prepare for head post surgery. Put this script in a docker or code in in nypipe for easy integration in other sites.

Link to article

Contact: Julien SEIN [julien.sein (at)]

NHP-Human Comparative Corticostriatal Functional Parcellations

This project will focus on comparing corticostriatal parcellations in humans and nonhuman primates, using PyBASC and other methods.

Link to article

Contact: Aki Nikolaidis [g.aki.nikolaidis (at)]


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